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On the market
since 2003

The 321expo brand was created in response to the growing clients’ demand for professional and complete trade fair exhibition support services.

Exhibiting your products at fairs may bring a lot of benefit, but if you are not prepared for this type of event, it may cause you some serious problems.

The key success factor for any trade show is the product of course. We want to show it right and that is where focus should be. We realize that as a top industry expert, your responsibility is to prepare a great product that will delight the fair participants and possibly your future clients. We also know that nowadays where virtually everything is out there, creating a unique, and one-of-a-kind product is a real challenge, requiring a lot of time and commitment.

Have you ever thought if it is worthwhile to “waste” time on mundane tasks, for instance on participant registration, associated administrative tasks, stand construction, utility connections, freight-forwarding, customs procedures, transport and booking accommodation for employees through to issues related to advertising and promotion? If you make delicious chocolate and pack it in plain, grey paper, will it succeed? Certainly there will be some number of connoisseurs who will appreciate your craftsmanship, but will that give you the sales volume?

If you answer was 3x NO, we are already on the same development path where the GMEXPO brand operates. It consists of a team of professionals, thanks to whom you will be able to devote yourself entirely to creating your exceptional product, whilst we do the packaging.

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